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BLACK KIT Performances | 24/10/2021
Celebration of 40 years BLACK KIT with 1 month of experimental work!
Performances of the first visiting artists group on 24/10/2021

Sunny Pfalzer (AT/DE)
Emma Brennan (IE/UK)
Antoni Karwowski (PL)
Monica Klingler (CH)
Lucia Bricco (IT)
Boris Nieslony (DE)

Camera: Constantin Leonhard & Victor Beger
Montage: Evamaria Schaller
2021 © BLACK KIT

Brunch Talk | Black Kit | 23/10/2021
The present artists Sunny Pfalzer (AT/DE), Emma Brennan (IE/UK), Monica Klingler (CH) and Lucia Bricco (IT) in conversation with the BLACK KIT team.
The talk circled about
the FLOW
subject vs. object
in Performance Art.

Documented by Evamaria Schaller 2021 © BLACK KIT

BLACK KIT Performances | 10/10/2021
Celebration of 40 years BLACK KIT with 1 month of experimental work!
Performances of the first visiting artists group on 10/10/2021

Alice de Visscher (BE)
Andriy Helytovych (UA)
Enrica Arbia (IT)
Tomasz Szrama (PL/FI)

Camera: Constantin Leonhard & Liane Ditzer
Montage: Evamaria Schaller
2021 © BLACK KIT

Meeting Boris Nieslony at BLACK KIT | 21.10.2021
"1 month of experimental work" as celebration of 40 years BLACK KIT Performanceart Archive in Cologne. In two slots performance artists are present at the archive to work and be together.
The second group of artists with Lucia Bricco (IT), Antoni Karwowski (PL), Monica Klingler (CH), Emma Brennan (IE/UK) and Sunny Pfalzer (AT/DE) visited Boris Nieslony at BLACK KIT.
The first part of the talk circled around the structure of the archive, the Public, the Council 1981 and the Performance Art Context (Boris Nieslony & Gerhard Dirmoser).
The second part of the talk was about "Handeln - tun - make - act", how Antoni Karwowski uses his childhood memories in his performances, about his practice and about excaping definitions.

A documentary by BLACK KIT ©2021
BLACK KIT team with Evamaria Schaller, Michael Stockhausen, Liane Ditzer, Tarika Johann, Sandra Richter, Constantin Leonhard.


Esther Ferrer, Traces - space - son, 2017
ESTHER FERRER, San Sebastián (Spain) 1937 ESTHER FERRER is best known for her performances, which have been her principal form of artistic expression since 1965, both as a soloist and as a member of the group ZAJ, until its dissolution in 1996. Her work has always been oriented to ephemeral artistic action rather than to permanent artistic production. She created, in collaboration with the painter José Antonio Sistiaga the first "Workshop for Free Expression," in the 60s, an activity that was to inspire other similar groups in Spain.
Beginning in the 70s, she has also been quite active in the plastic arts: reworked photographs, installations, canvases and constructions based on the prime number series, Pi and so forth. Her work is a very particular kind of minimalism, which she sometimes terms "rigorous absurdity".
Esther Ferrer has performed throughout Europe (Yugoslavia, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungry, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Cheek Republic, Spain etc.), as well as in Cuba, México, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Thailand and Korea, Palestine ...
In 1999 she was one of the two artist representing Spain in the Venice Biennale, in 2008 she recived le Spanish National prize for the Arts and in 2012 the Gure Artea Prize of Basque Government in 2013 MAV Prize (Mujeres en las Artes Visuales) and in 2014 the Price Marie Claire et the Velazquez Prize ( International prize in Spain).

Wathiq Gzar Al-Ameri, wait, 2021
Wathiq Gzar Al-Ameri is an Iraqi visual artist based in Switzerland. He has worked internationally since 1997 in areas of performance, video installation and drawing. Al-Ameri won the Performance Art Award Switzerland in 2011 followed by the prestigious Swiss Art Award in 2012. Internationally and regularly he performed with Ali Al-Fatlawi (Urnamo) in numerous events and festivals across Europe, Asia, North and South America. The actions of the performance are improvisational and reflect my reaction experiencing political conflicts. It allows me to take a critical stance. Dealing with the issue of violence is always includes an examination of the artistic medium.

Melati Suryodarmo – 24901 Miles, 2015
Melati Suryodarmo (b. 1969, Solo, Indonesia) graduated from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunscheweig, Germany under the tutelage of Marina Abramović and Anzu Furukawa with a Meisterschüler qualification in Performance Art. Her practice is informed by Butoh, dance and history, among others. Her work is the result of ongoing research in the movements of the body and its relationship to the self and the world. These are enshrined in photography, translated into choreographed dances, enacted in video or executed in live performances.
Suryodarmo is interested in the psychological and physical agitations that may be from the self or the world but somehow result in lasting change the individual. This belief in change or growth through bodily action belies her early induction in meditation, which she continues to practice. The body is the home for memories and the self, rather than the individual itself, and the body’s system.
Suryodarmo has presented her work in locations all over the world, including Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan; National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea, Gwacheon, South Korea; Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland; National Art Centre Tokyo, Japan; National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia; Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan; Para Site, Hong Kong; Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland, Australia; Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea; Singapore Art Museum, Singapore. Festivals include 5th Guangzhou Triennale (2015), Guangzhou, China; Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale (2009), Incheon, South Korea; Manchester International Festival (2009), Manchester, U.K.; and Manifesta 7 (2008), Bolzano, Italy.
Since 2007, Suryodarmo has been organizing an annual Performance Art Laboratory and Undisclosed Territory, a performance art festival, in Solo, Indonesia. In 2012, she founded “Studio Plesungan”, an art space for performance artists to use as a laboratory. In 2017, she served as Artistic Director for Jiwa, the 17th Jakarta Biennale. She currently lives and works in Solo, Indonesia.

Foto © Melati Suryodarmo, 2015
Olga Prokhorova – Wallstreet & A woman without head is searching the exit, 2017
Olga Prokhorova is a performance artist, based in Finland, originally Russian. She works internationally since 2009 after finishing a two-year education in a Swedish school for Performance. The focus of Olga’s work is on a human, discovering self in the environment of urban spaces, society, nature, and own myths. Olga also studied Dance and Somatics, so she includes the research on a body and behavior in her artistic practices. She is interested to create phenomena - alternative situations that could be observed.

Roberta de Lacerda Medina – Poesia Medina, 2018
Roberta de Lacerda Medina is 36 years old. She comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and lives in Essen. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication / Media Studies (Advertising in major) in 2008 in Pontíficial Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. After her studies she gained a lot of experience in audiovisual production for advertising and television programmes. In Germany (since 2011) she has also worked with video production, online marketing, social media, theatre and organising festivals.
In September 2015, she started her Master's in Professional Media Creation at the SAE-. Institute (Bochum) in cooperation with Folkwang University and passed her exam at the end of September successfully passed her exam at the end of September 2017. But she does not only want to stand behind a computer and decided to use her own body as a means of expression and to work together with PAErsche. During her studies she developed the project Nobis Conecta, in which she works as a media artist together with other artists and art forms to create multi-media performances.

The two short poetic films are based on poems by her father "Paio" Medina.

Anette Friedrich Johannessen – In Alignement (pillar and steel) | 2021
Anette Friedrich Johannessen is multidisciplinary artist, working with performance, video, drawing and text-based work.Working from Bergen (Norway), Anette is today artistic director of Performance Art Bergen and one of the co-organizers of public performances in Bergen and the district around the city, called Open Sessions. The core element in Anette Friedrich Johannesen’s artistic practice is an investigation on sensory experience, repetition, minimal gestures and place identity. She seeks to define different types of systems and how they relate chaos and order. This process is about understanding human rituals, and to which extent they are a part of our nature. In her work, she discusses mankind’s relationship to nature, social structures, and technology. How should we as humans relate to our ever-changing environment, and how can we as individuals adapt while at the same time figuring out how to balance our instinctive nature and technological progress?

Zhou Bin – Self Transformation | 2021
Since 1997,ZhouBin turned exclusively to performance art. Zhou Bin’s work emphasises the body’s experience in performance artworks, giving absolute substance to the idea, whether expressing some slight feeling or dealing with life’s contingencies. His works arrive at the epistemological and linguistic root of performance art, stressing: What you say is important, but how you say it, even more so. The body’s language, interaction of various media, spatial penetration, spontaneity, and the event are all in medias res, ready to be freely employed. Zhou Bin has travelled extensively abroad with his performance art。Conducting artistic creation, resident research, academic lectures and workshops.
,He has developed performance art, constantly active in events and organizations as well as with academic work. In 2008, Zhou Bin and Liu Chengying created Up-On International Live Art Festival, It will be the ninth this year. From 2012 to 2016, Zhou Bin has been invited as Lecturer to Sichuan Fine Arts Institute where he gives classes on performance art. This is the first time a Chinese university has offered a course in performance art.he has also been invited by Germany’s Berlin Free University and the University of Applied Arts Vienna Etc to Short-term teaching of performance art courses.In 2021, ZhouBin published his book "TEACHING AND LEARNING OF PERFORMANCE ART"(SDX Joint Publishing Company).

This and many other such ceremonies | 08.10.2021
As impuls Sandra Johnston's lecture explores her own approach to performance art, acting/doing and being in the first part with our visiting artists.

Boyet de Mesa – Puppet | 2021
Boyet de Mesa, lives and works in Sta. Ana Manila, Philippines. Boyet is a son of a jeepney driver and a church lay worker. He is currently an instructor in the College of Arts and Letters at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila and taking up Philippines Studies in University in the Philippines.

He is a visual/performance artist and a cultural worker. His involvement and practice in performance art (from late 1990s) led him to emphasize the need for solidarity among artists and the society, especially in the era of globalization. He initiated SIPA International , an annual performance solidarity event in the Philippines, started in 2016.

In his work he emphasizes images, gestures and allegory that aim to leave a huge impact on the viewer, as well as the desire to have a collective experience or memory in each performance through collaboration and public involvement in the performance.. He addresses the challenges of the times, especially the issue of violation of human rights, labor, landlessness, colonialism and history and solidarity.

Stein Henningsen – Habitat | 2021
Stein Henningsen is a visual artist from Norway living and working on Svalbard. He has presented his work at various biennials and festivals in Europe, North America and Asia since 2005. Henningsen is influenced by photo as traditional media, often thinking of his performances as vivid images. His works addresses political issues in a contemporary context. Recent works have focused on climate change and the challenges we face. Henningsen tries to create strong, provocative and clean images that resonate with audiences over time - to get them to reflect on their complicity with regard to global issues. To achieve this he very often put himself under heavy physical stress.
When home in the high north he does performances in the Arctic wilderness without any audience. Works documented reappears as documentation or new artwork.

Ali Al-Fatlawi – Let's Talk About Iraq | 2021
Ali Al-Fatlawi is a visual artist, born in Baghdad, works in various areas. He makes Paintings, writes poems and plays, works as a performer and is a member of the Iraqi Writers’ Union. After an odyssey, Ali Al-Fatlawi reached Switzerland in 1997 and continued his artistic education at the F + F School for Art and Media Design in Zurich, where he graduated in 2002. In addition to his performance art work, he works as a filmmaker too. Ali Al-Fatlawi is founder of the «Urnamo» artist collective. He tours through numerous countries with his performance art and has already received several awards for his work. (e.g., Swiss Performance Award, 2011). And (Swiss Art Award, 2012). Ali speaks Arabic (first language), English and German.
Ali Al-Fatlawi creates performances that reflect his history. He presents a view from exile, combining a critical perspective with the hope of returning in his imagination back to the homeland. His art explores issues of confrontation and war. He looks for material that he combines with other substances or local conditions to create unique images. For him, performance art is a dynamic and experimental practice that can produce rich and unpredictable results. His work is sustained and renewed by the vast array of available material, variations of time and place, and diverse themes. With another art form, these perspectives would not be possible. His performances work to produce images at the moment, without translation into words. Images, moments, change, passing through a place and remaining in memory give form to his practice, and are the elements he hopes to communicate to viewers. His performance images a dress of the audience’s emotion rather than their intellect, making a pure exchange possible.

Michael Barrett – Corporal Punishment | 2011
Michael Barrett's research highlights performance art as a pedagogical tool. He is currently living on 10 acres of land in Central Montana while teaching and performing extensively around the world, including the United States, Austria, Czechia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland. Barrett's research investigates Western masculine narratives while addressing and interrogating key constructs of gender. Having served in the U.S. Marine Corps, received a collegiate athletic scholarship, and survived a battle with testicular cancer, Barrett embraces feminist theory and utilizes new masculinities, as critical lenses for analyzing hypermasculinity and how it empowers and disempowers.


Monika Günther & Ruedi Schill – Berühren gegenseitig abwechslungsweise | Elba, 2002
Monika Günther (* 1944 in Bad Hersfeld, Deutschland) und Ruedi Schill (* 18. Juni 1941, † 31. Juli 2020 in Luzern Schweiz) sind ein Performance Art Künstlerpaar. Sie tragen als Künstlerpersönlichkeiten bereits seit den 1980er Jahren durch ihre künstlerische und kuratorische Arbeit entscheidend zur Entwicklung, Förderung und Verbreitung von Performancekunst, in Luzern, der gesamten Schweiz und zu ihrer internationalen Wahrnehmung bei. Sie realisierten seit 1995 gemeinsam Performancekunst, Ausstellungen, Workshops und organisieren Festivals. Sie folgten weltweiten Einladungen zu Konferenzen und Festivals, führten ihre Arbeiten an öffentlichen Orten und im musealen Kontext auf und lehrten die Kunst der Handlung.
Monika Günther studierte von 1966–1971 an der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf bei Gerhard Hoehme Malerei. Sie arbeitet mit Malerei, Zeichnung, Skulptur, Installation, Fotografie und Aktionskunst. Seit 1980 stellt sie aus, realisiert Kunst im öffentlichen Raum und zeigt Performances. Monika Günther hat Lehraufträge und Gastdozenturen für Performance Art an verschiedenen Kunstschulen und Universitäten.
Ruedi Schill absolvierte von 1962–1963 die Grafische Fachschule Biberach und von 1971–1972 die Gestaltungsschule, heute F+F Schule für Kunst und Design, in Zürich. Er war seit 1979 im damals neuen Bereich Aktionskunst aktiv, praktizierte aber auch Land Art und arbeitete mit interdisziplinären und experimentellen Ansätzen mit allen neuen Medien und Aktionen. Seine grosse Präsenz als Performancekünstler in Museen und auf internationalen Festivals wird immer beschrieben.[4] 1971 gründete er die Galerie Apropos die jetzt, gemeinsam mit Monika Günther seit 1995 organisiert, als Projektraum Apropos in Luzern existiert. 1982 kuratierte er im Palazzo Liestal in Liestal das erste Performance Art Festival in der Schweiz.[5] Erst als Gastdozent und dann im Lehrauftrag unterrichtete er von 1995-2007 Performance Art an der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Luzern (HGKL).


Miná Minov - I flew | 2015
Miná Minov – is Bulgarian artist, born and based in Sofia. After beginning as a sculptor, he continued studying and exhibiting in the Netherlands and New York. His work spans from purely conceptual to 3d objects, but mostly performative videos and interactive installations – contraptions, used to perform repetitive “exercises”. Most times this is done by himself, sometimes by participating audience. It suggests situations similar to a playground or a gym. Evokes connections between a body and the specific architectural or outdoor environment it inhabits. In his work the body is seen as a core for the accumulation of “prostheses”, which are meant not as artificial replacements for missing limbs, but as objects, surroundings, thoughts, (fixed) ideas, that alter and define the condition of the body. “I think it is very human to attach yourself, to become part of things”.

Special Screening: Meeting Boris Nieslony at the BLACK KIT Performanceart Archive, 2021
"1 month of experimental work" as celebration of 40 years BLACK KIT Performanceart Archive in Cologne. In two slots performance artists are present at the archive to work and be together. The first group with Enrica Arbia (IT), Alice de Fischer (BE), Andriy Helytovych (UA) & Tomasz Szrama (PL/IT) visited Boris Nieslony in the BLACK KIT.
The first part of the talk was about What HANDELN (to ACT) has to do with:
the Konzil (1981), Atmosphere, the difference between to ACT and REACT, the third Eye, Digital Space, Encounter, Black Market International, the Archive is acting!
The second part of the talk was about the collaboration of Boris Nieslony & Gerhard Dirmoser and their working together for the last 30 years. They created diagrams of contexts: how to verbalize relations between verbs of doing, analysis of how you understand words and intense discussions between all of the participants of how to understand performance art.
A documentary by BLACK KIT ©2021
BLACK KIT team with Evamaria Schaller, Michael Stockhausen, Tarika Johann, Sandra Richter, Constantin Leonhard.

Special Screening: Boris Nieslony, Pyramiden - Arctic Action, 2018
Boris Nieslony studied at the Academy of Arts in Berlin and Hamburg. Exhibitions, performances, lectures and teaching activities as a freelance artist, theorist and mediator since 1977 and worldwide. Organises one of the best-known performance art archives in Europe.
The basis of my research is the ethnographic and anthropological conditions of culture and the resulting questions of presentation and representation in art.For myself, I cannot and will not claim a style. Each precisely formed question demands its own medium and shows itself in this light.Thus designations such as painter, sculptor or performer are not relevant to me. The media spectrum in action art or performance art is so broad that I find myself in it. Performance - Because nothing is older than the avant-garde passing by. The decision as to how the frame should be formed, which will give rise to the image, which will give rise to the performance, is usually made by me directly on site. Given are at least three coordinates a - the choice of material according to a pictorial idea b - the choice of a substantial action likewise according to a picture which uses me for its appearance.
The choice of a certain overall circumstance, a view of the situation.
Boris Nieslony is the founder of BLACK KIT / DIE SCHWARZE LADE - Performanceart Archive

Yadanar Win, Cherry Corona 1 | 2020
Yadanar Win is a multimedia artist based in Yangon, Myanmar. With an early interest in international exchange, driven by her university studies in English, she joined New Zero Art Space as a collaborative member in 2009, after that she involved in the culture scene for 9 years not only as an artist but also organized and coordinated several cultural projects and exchanges. Her unique ability to seamlessly join her own body, to the document of her performance, and bring them together into an art object is reflective of her generation’s willingness to experiment with all mediums and abandon the traditional painting and sculpture so common in the Myanmar art scene. Her performances are passionate and critical, often citing the plight of Myanmar’s peace process or personal struggles as a young female artist in Myanmar.

Jason Lim – Walk | 2018
Jason Lim’s repertoire of works encompasses ceramics, photography, installation art, and performance art. He has organized and created various platforms for alternative art practitioners to meet and collaborate. In 2010, Lim was invited as guest artist to join performance art collective Black Market International in their 25th anniversary celebration tour of Poland, Germany and Switzerland. As a performance artist, he has been invited to present performances in more than 30 countries.

Title - Walk
Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale
Kjerringøy, Norway, 2018
Edited by Jason Lim
Video by Eva Bakkeslett

Foto © Jason Lim, 2018
Ávaro Terrones – El Concilia de las Humanidades | 2021
Álvaro Terrones is a poetry and performance artist and researcher from València, Spain. Ph.D. in Fine Arts, professor of the subject of action art by the Polytechnic University of València, Spain. His research thesis is developed around the graphic planning of performance art, field studies of Québec (Le Lieu) and Köln (Das Konzil and Die Schwasze Lade-Black Kit by B. Nieslony). In his artwork, the concept of time, the operational and finite processes are a constant theme, working about the difference between relation, relative and relationship; performs poetry as an interdisciplinary and polytechnic process in which there are a series of relationships between the artist and daily life objects.

Links (artist):

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Chen Jin – Untitle | 2009
Artist, Curator, Founder of the OPEN international performance art festival. Graduated from the fine arts department of northwest normal university in 1987, majoring in oil painting. Now lives in Beijing. Till now,have been engaged in performance art creation, art activity communication and art research. Has been invited to participate in many international art festival exhibitions and exchanges in Finland, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, New York, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and other countries.
Have received a Reuters (Reuters), Sveriges Radil station (Switzerland), EllEMAN France, la television France (French television), Yleisradio Oy (Finland station), Beaux Arts (French contemporary ART magazines), ESSE Arts + OPINIONS (' ART and view ART magazine), Canada, ASIA ART ARCHIVE (AAA) Asian ART, Chinese and foreign media and overseas scholars such as access to communication.
Launched and curated: OPEN international performance art festival (19 sessions till 2018, namely 19 years), which invited more than 600 international artists from more than 50 countries to participate in the OPEN experimental contemporary art center in Beijing 798 art district in 2009. Planned the Chinese literature exhibition of performance art (1985-2010); Curated Beijing contemporary art documenta, Goethe institute. Planned numerous exhibitions and art activities, such as the performance art food workshop.

Chakkrit & Pattree Chimnok – Shot Time in October | 2020
Husband and wife, Chakkrit Chimnok and Pattree Chimnok live in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Both are visual artists. which has creative work with techniques and a wide range of processes on issues related to perspectives from experience, way of life, culture, society, politics, and environment, including issues related to gender and human rights. Chakkrit and Pattree were invited to attend the live performance art festival. both within Thailand and at the international level which is an exchange of knowledge make experience And always new perspectives, both single and double invited to create creative events such as Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, China, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Norway, South Korea, Taiwan.

Link of work:
Foto: Asiatopia International Performance art Festival 2020 BACC Photo by Vichukorn Tangpaiboon

Alexander del Re – Phobias_55_148_180 | 2019
Alexander Del Re is an educator, curator, organizer and performance artist for more than 25 years; to this date he has presented his work in over 20 countries of Europe, Asia and the Americas. He was co-founder of PerfoPuerto, an independent performance art organization based in Chile, with which he organized 12 international performance art festivals from 2002-2008 in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, presenting the work of over 120 artists from 30 countries worldwide. Currently he is co-founder and director of PerfoLink, Latin American platform for performance art; since 2009 he has curated and co-organized 20 international performance art festivals and many smaller events in Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay and Chile, presenting the work of over 200 artists from 33 countries worldwide.
STATEMENT I am interested in the relationship between myself and the others, and how I am the “other” of the “other”, with its implications in the construction of my own self as an artist, in an era where the image of the other is validated through the use of technology; in particular, I am interested in the use of surveillance technology as a media of exploration of our relationship with the perceived world of the “other”. From this point of departure, I am also interested in the analysis and reflection of the relationships of power between the perceived “male” and “female” ends, through the establishment of binary relations in all spheres of human activity. By this, I also seek to interact with the socio-political relations between the “dominant” and “dominated” poles of humanity.

Daisuke Takeya – Fire and Persimmon Tree | 2021
Daisuke Takeya’s praxis is comprised of the exploration of nature and plausibility in contemporary society, and hinges on all kinds of double meanings. Particularly in performance artwork, he explores borderlands in between life and death. He is an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator, and director of Responding: International Performance Art festival and Meeting.

Elisa Andessner – Pirate Women 4.2. | 2020
Elisa Andessner lives and works in Linz, studied Experimental Art at the University of Art and Design Linz and Fine Arts at the École Supérieure d'Art et de Design Marseille. Elisa Andessner is a free lance artist and works in the fields of photography, video, performance and graphics. Since 2006 she works artisticly within residencies, festivals and exhibitions in Vietnam, Indonesia, Poland, Belarus, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, recently in Iran. She was honored with awards, scholarships and art purchases of public art collections. Andessner regularly organises exchange- and exhibition projects with local and international artists, lately in Northern Italy, Dresden and Brussels. She is a member of the artist association MAERZ and works as a lecturer at the Art University Linz. Elisa Andessner is a trained voice teacher and currently works on the topic „voice and gender roles".

Samuil Stoyanov – 10 min National Museum of Natural History | 2013
(1975) is a visual artist born in Dobrich, Bulgaria. Currently he lives in Arusha, Tanzania. In 2001 he graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia as MA in Ceramics and the same year he made his first solo show with paintings. Since then Samuil uses a big variety of media in his art practise.

(Thinking while looking or looking while thinking - thus looking evolves into seeing, or into what Samuil Stoyanov is interested in - "thinking vision". This is a theme which lately, periodically and persistently, appears in his works, yet it has nothing to do with visual experiments or optical effects, but is fully associated with conceptualizing the visual action. - Daniela Radeva - curator and art critic)

10 min National Museum of Natural History, 2013
Author: Samuil Stoyanov
Produced by Sofia Contemporary 2013 Festival.
Single canal, Full HD, sound, 10'20"
Camera: Rayna Teneva
Video and audio editing: Stanislav Kolev and Samuil Stoyanov
Filmed in the National Museum of Natural History - Sofia, Bulgaria

This work is part of a series of videos that are shot in different buildings around the world. The basic idea is to make a kind of night portraits of buildings using unusual dynamic lighting of various interiors. Spaces of the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia are full of content (stuffed animals and insects, fossils), which by its nature stop time of the matter. This context gives to the very light, as an act of "revival" additional meaning.

Foto © Samuil Stoyanov, 2013 BILDUNTERSCHRIFT
Das Schwarze Band des KONZILS. Aktionen am Stuttgarter Rathaus [Ausschnitt] | 1981
Mit dem KONZIL 1981, organisiert vom Kleinen Ausstellungsraum des Künstlerhaus Hamburg (Boris Nieslony), Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (Heidemarie v. Wedel & Ulrich Bernhardt) sowie Büro Berlin (v.a. Hermann Pitz), standen Kunst und Öffentlichkeit im Fokus Stuttgarts: 40 bis 70 Künstler*innen lebten einen Monat vor Ort, arbeiteten gemeinsam und führten Aktionen im Stadtraum durch. Nicht immer stießen ihre Handlungen dabei auf das Verständnis der Öffentlichkeit – und auch nicht immer auf das Verständnis der Stadtvertreter*innen und Ordnungshütenden. Mit den Aktionen vor dem Stuttgarter Rathaus unterwanderten die beteiligten Künstler*innen ganz bewusst einen zentralen Platz Stuttgarts, hielten eine parodistische Parade ab und setzen ihre eigensinnige Ordnung in die politischen wie alltäglichen Schemata; der Sinn im Widersinn.

With the KONZIL 1981, organized by the Kleiner Ausstellungsraum of the Künstlerhaus Hamburg (Boris Nieslony), Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (Heidemarie v. Wedel & Ulrich Bernhardt) as well as Büro Berlin (mainly Hermann Pitz), art and the public were in the focus of Stuttgart: 40 to 70 artists* lived on site for one month, worked together and carried out actions in the city space. Their actions did not always meet with the understanding of the public - and also not always with the understanding of the city representatives and law enforcement officers. With the actions in front of Stuttgart's town hall, the participating artists deliberately infiltrated one of Stuttgart's central squares, held a parodic parade, and placed their own order in the political and frameworks of everyday life; the significance in the absurdity.

Participants of the KONZIL in Stuttgart 1981: Franklin Aalders, Karen Oude Alink, Walter Baumann, Jochen Bentrup, Bodo Berheide, Gudrun Bernhardt, Ulrich Bernhardt, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Hella Böhm, Hanna Bremer, Mark-Steffen Bremer, Michael Burger, Gustav Campe, Danny Devos, Harrie De Kroon, Michelarcangelo De Luca, Jonnie Dübele, Firma Bender & Nern (Peter Bender und Joachim Nern), Thomas F. Fischer Fuchser der Bilderbauer, Christoph Gais, Vito Galeano, Gee, Karin Guenther, Volker Hamann, Mike Hentz, Uwe Hüter, Heiko Idensen, Jacques Juin, Katja, Knut, Hannelore Kober, Raimund Kummer, Wolf Leuchter, Angelika Maiworm, Emilio Winschetti, Ernst Mack, Kees Mol, Xenia Muscat, Boris Nieslony, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Otto O. Ton, Hermann Pitz, Prof. Dr. B. Cappy, Jürgen Raap, Fritz Rahmann, Regina Rennert, Pola Reuth, Angela Riemann, Carola Riess, Ton Scherder, Erich Schiffer, Walter Schoendorf, Siegfried Schuhknecht, Bernhard Schwarz, Gottfried Sonnenfeld, Ulun-Michael Steinke, Renée Straub, Martin Thomas, Narcisse Tordoir, Annemie van Kerckhoven, Jacques van Poppel, Heidemarie von Wedel, Elio Andalò Vimercati, Harry Walter, Kurt Weidemann, Wulle Konsumkunst and many more.

Camera: Ulrich Bernhard
45:46 min
© International Performance Art Archive DIE SCHWARZE LADE | BLACK KIT, Köln

Die Belagerung des Rathauses, Stuttgart | 1981 
Als sich das KONZIL 1981 in Stuttgart dem Ende neigte, fand vor dem Rathaus eine Aktion der Künstlergruppe Firma Bender & Nern (Peter Bender und Joachim Nern) statt. Am 25. September 1981 belagerten sie das Rathaus in Stuttgart und überführten lange Diskussion mit der Stadt in eine performative Intervention. Sie bemalten ihr eigenes Pferd blau, was nicht nur die Passanten, sondern auch die Polizei irritierte. 

As the 1981 KONZIL in Stuttgart drew to a close, an action by the artist group Firma Bender & Nern (Peter Bender and Joachim Nern) took place in front of the town hall. On September 25 they occupied the town hall in Stuttgart and transformed long discussions with the city into a performative intervention. They painted their own horse blue, which irritated not only the people passing by but also the police. 

Participants of the KONZIL in Stuttgart 1981: Franklin Aalders, Karen Oude Alink, Walter Baumann, Jochen Bentrup, Bodo Berheide, Gudrun Bernhardt, Ulrich Bernhardt, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Hella Böhm, Hanna Bremer, Mark-Steffen Bremer, Michael Burger, Gustav Campe, Danny Devos, Harrie De Kroon, Michelarcangelo De Luca, Jonnie Dübele, Firma Bender & Nern (Peter Bender und Joachim Nern), Thomas F. Fischer Fuchser der Bilderbauer, Christoph Gais, Vito Galeano, Gee, Karin Guenther, Volker Hamann, Mike Hentz, Uwe Hüter, Heiko Idensen, Jacques Juin, Katja, Knut, Hannelore Kober, Raimund Kummer, Wolf Leuchter, Angelika Maiworm, Emilio Winschetti, Ernst Mack, Kees Mol, Xenia Muscat, Boris Nieslony, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Otto O. Ton, Hermann Pitz, Prof. Dr. B. Cappy, Jürgen Raap, Fritz Rahmann, Regina Rennert, Pola Reuth, Angela Riemann, Carola Riess, Ton Scherder, Erich Schiffer, Walter Schoendorf, Siegfried Schuhknecht, Bernhard Schwarz, Gottfried Sonnenfeld, Ulun-Michael Steinke, Renée Straub, Martin Thomas, Narcisse Tordoir, Annemie vaan Kerckhoven, Jacques van Poppel, Heidemarie von Wedel, Elio Andalò Vimercati, Harry Walter, Kurt Weidemann, Wulle Konsumkunst and many more. 

Performance: Firma Bender & Nern (Peter Bender und Joachim Nern)
Camera: Ulrich Bernhard  36:56 min 
© International Performance Art Archive DIE SCHWARZE LADE | BLACK KIT, Köln